About Us

The National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH) is a not for profit professional association which maintains the List of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (RCHs) in the UK. NARCH ensures that all RCHs adhere to the highest professional standards and ethics and these requirements are laid out on this website and within the Guide to Professional Conduct for Registered Canine Hydrotherapists.

NARCH was established by a band of keen and enthusiastic individuals who volunteered their time to establish this national body. We have a democratic election system established. RCHs elect Management Committee members through an online voting system.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you:




Justine bought a boarding kennels and cattery in 2008 and opened her canine hydrotherapy centre in 2010 after completing her training in hydrotherapy at Greyfriars in 2009. Just after completion of the course, NARCH was born and Justine was one of its first members.

Justine’s centre has both pool and treadmill and works closely with other professionals in the canine rehabilitation industry, enabling the service of a multi-modal approach for each patient. Justine currently employs 3 RCHs with one in training. In 2019 Justine became a NARCH Approved Practical Training Provider which feeds her passion for education and training, not only passing on skills to other hydrotherapists and clients but also her own thirst for knowledge. Justine loves going on training courses. This has been a driving force behind her working life, having previously been a trainer and educator within the hairdressing industry.

One of Justine’s goals when she first opened her hydrotherapy centre was to join the NARCH Committee due to its goal of raising standards within the industry. That goal now met, her next is to achieve the Level 6 Veterinary Hydrotherapy qualification. Currently she holds the Level 4 Award in Small Animal Hydrotherapy.



Sarah qualified as a canine hydrotherapist in 2009 and immediately set up her own rehabilitation centre. She then went onto study a diploma in animal physiotherapy in 2012 and currently works within a team of five therapists. Sarah is passionate about CPD opportunities and further education for both herself and the team. She is currently exploring canine osteopathy after attending an osteopathy workshop on elephants! Although interested in the wider treatments available for rehabilitation, her passion is fully within the hydrotherapy sector and is therefore looking forward to supporting the NARCH committee in promoting the welfare, treatment and care of animals in this sector.

LEANNE FLETCHER, RCH (Joint Vice Chair and Treasurer) 


After her own dog was diagnosed with severe Hip Dysplasia in 2013, Leanne took a keen interest in complementary therapies and rehabilitation and trained to achieve both her Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals before opening her own centre, Fylde Coast Hydrotherapy in 2014. Leanne has also completed Advanced Water Treadmill training upon adding a Water Treadmill to her centre in 2015. She has also since completed the OCNLR Level 4 award in Canine Hydrotherapy at Greyfriars Training in 2019 and has continued to work as a hydrotherapist and grow the business over the past 7 years. Leanne is extremely passionate about canine rehabilitation and advocating high standards within the industry.  She currently carries out audit work on behalf of the NARCH committee and co-ordinates the quarterly NARCH newsletter.

ABIGAIL STRIBBLING, RCH (Joint Vice Chair and Vice Treasurer)


Abigail has worked within the hydrotherapy sector since 2017. She attended Hawksmoor Training and Rehabilitation Centre in Warwickshire and qualified in October 2017, attaining a Level 3 Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy. She began her journey in hydrotherapy with work experience at the very centre, based in Haywards Heath, which she now manages and runs and where she is the acting Senior Hydrotherapist. Completing an advanced treadmill training course at Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Training Centre in 2021, this strengthened her own knowledge and understanding of the additional benefits of working with a treadmill unit and the business is hoping to begin offering treadmill treatment sessions in the near future.  Abigail is very passionate about promoting the health and wellbeing of all her patients and is keen to learn new ways of enhancing and creating a more positive and fun experience for them. She currently carries out audit work on behalf of the NARCH committee.