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Welcome to NARCH's library of documents - we call these our resources! Help yourself to a copy of each.

We will continue to add documents to these resources so keep checking for new documents.

Guide to Professional Conduct for Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (pdf)

Registration Requirements (pdf)
NARCH guide to initial registration requirements, the registration process and how to maintain your inclusion on the NARCH register.

Training Requirements (pdf)
NARCH guide to training required for initial registration and renewal of registration

CPD requirements and guidance (pdf)
Includes guidance on CPD requirements as well as some suggested reading materials.

First Aid Refresher Guidance (pdf)
NARCH rules on First Aid Refresher courses.

Essential behaviour knowledge (pdf)
Guidance on the level of understanding of canine behaviour required for hydrotherapy.

Water quality guidelines (pdf)
Recommended chemical and temperature ranges. Water testing requirements.

Guidance on equipment that hydrotherapy centres should have.

Presentation video

Presentation slides for note-taking

NARCH Constitution (pdf)


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